Dr. Thomas W. Butler: Author and United Methodist Pastor


Dr. Thomas W. Butler

Dr. Butler is a United Methodist pastor and a scholar of the Gospel According to John. A member of the Society of Biblical literature, he is the author of Let Her Keep It, which is a new approach to the study of the Gospel According to John through its use of Mosaic oracles.

A Day with Jesus: An Unorthodox Commentary on the Gospel According to John uses metaphors from the Greek version of the Hebrew Bible (the Septuagint) to reveal the deeper meaning of the entire Gospel. These metaphors are called signs and oracles, and were considered by ancient scholars of Scripture to literally be the words of God.

Readers of this web page will learn how to discover, define and declare the meaning of these signs and oracles in order to see and understand the hidden message encoded by them in the Gospel. That hidden message tells how Jesus replaced every element of the system of worship given by God and established by Moses to maintain the covenant between the Children of Israel and God. In other words, the hidden message in the Gospel explains how Jesus replaced the temple with His body, the festivals of sacrifice with the Eucharist, and the priesthood with His disciples. The need to maintain a new covenant between God and all people was a highly dangerous assertion to be made in the first century, so this part of its message was carefully hidden. It is still legible for those with eyes to see it. Readers of this unorthodox commentary, A Day with Jesus, published only here at no cost to readers, are invited to follow the Way with Jesus on His Day.

This commentary is a work in progress. Comments and Questions from readers are welcome. The author will respond to serious questions and significant critiques on published parts of the commentary as he continues to add new parts until the commentary is complete.